Asociace studentu a pratel SU v Opave
Bezrucovo namesti 13, 746 01 Opava 1,
Czech Republic

Masarykova trida 37, 746 01 Opava
4. floor, Door No 431

Phone: +420553684465 (office)
Mr. Jakub Rousek: +420775053864

E-mail: asociace(at)

The Association of Students and Friends of the Silesian University (ASPSU) in Opava was founded on 12th October 1993 as a non-profit-making organization.

It is chaired by a president who is elected at the end of each academic year at a general meeting. The executive authority is represented by the Coordination Committee. The supervisory board secures the control of financial recourses.

The main interest is devoted to the so-called Majales, between 1995-1997 held as a one-day action and since 1998 as a nearly weekly music, film, theatre and unconventional show.

Apart from Majáles, ASPSU also gives The Prestige Ball of the Silesian University (since 1998), it organizes many other minor events, such as dance gatherings or Beer Marathon.

The students' association is led by at least five-member Coordination committee with its president in the lead. The president is a statutory deputy and he/she represents ASPSU outwards. The control organ is represented by the supervisory board.
President: Jakub Rousek

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